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IconJar ‑ I love icons again

Posted yesterday on the aTech Media blog

Over the last 15 years I have bought many thousands of icons through a number of channels - directly from the designer, backing projects on Kickstarter or using subscription services...

Setting up an effective call queue

Posted on Friday on the Dial 9 blog

If you're receiving a high volume of calls, a call queue is a great way to inform customers you'll be dealing with their enquiry shortly, with the opportunity to provide...

Seamless socket server restarts in Ruby

Posted on Wednesday on the aTech Media blog

We utilise a variety of custom socket servers to support our applications. Most of our apps have at least one. We write RPC servers to interact with repository storage in...

Resizing your uploaded images

Posted on Tuesday on the aTech Media blog

A couple of days ago I wrote about uploading attachments and in this tutorial I'm going to look at doing some processing on those attachments once they have been uploaded....

Deploy to servers behind a VPN

Posted on Tuesday on the Deploy blog

We're delighted we're now able to help out those users who need to use a service like Deploy but who's servers are locked away behind a VPN. Today we're launching what we call the Deploy Agent.

How to install Staytus from scratch

Posted last Saturday on the aTech Media blog

Staytus is the open source publishing platform that I developed last year when we needed something simple to help us communicate with our customers when issues arise with our service....

Managing our servers & infrastructure with MyOps

Posted last Thursday on the MyOps blog

Last Summer we embarked on a huge project to virtualise our whole infrastructure. Historically, we ran bare metal servers with some virtual machines dotted around the place. The new project...

Welcome to

Posted last Wednesday on the aTech Media blog

It is with much anticipation and excitement that I'm ready to announce our new blog. We've made blogs before and it's always been a very lacklustre affair either on top...

Ticket tags

Posted on the 14th February on the Sirportly blog

We've just added a useful new feature to Sirportly today - the ability for staff to set ticket properties automatically by using tags in a ticket update.