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Picking up calls for a different extension

Posted on the 8th September on the Dial 9 blog

In Dial 9, you can set up a Pickup Group, which is specifically designed to allow you to pick up a call that's ringing on another connected extension or call...

Beta Testers Wanted ‑ Deploy Build Commands

Posted on the 4th September on the DeployHQ blog

Recent progress in the web development world has led to increased usage of preprocessors (Haml, Sass, LESS etc.) and transpilers (Coffeescript, Typescript, Babel). Static Site Generators such as Jekyll or...

Yealink T46G review

Posted on the 4th September on the Dial 9 blog

In this post, we'll be reviewing one of the most popular desk phones available on our store - the Yealink T46G. We'll be looking at the main features available with...