My name is Dan. My primary role at aTech is to develop and maintain our hosted applications, such as Codebase and Deploy. I'm often the person who responds to helpdesk tickets where further investigation is needed. My preferences include; beer over lager, dogs over cats, coffee over tea and cars from the 80s.

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Building Commit Graphs

Posted on the 25th April on the Codebase blog

Git and Mercurial both come packaged with handy utilities to visualise the commits in your repository as a graph. We include this functionality in the Codebase interface as well. A...

Seamless socket server restarts in Ruby

Posted on the 22nd March on the aTech Media blog

We utilise a variety of custom socket servers to support our applications. Most of our apps have at least one. We write RPC servers to interact with repository storage in...

Wiring up Deploy for Websockets (part 1)

Posted in June 2016 on the Deploy blog

In the last few weeks we've introduced websockets into Deploy to improve our deployments. In the next couple of posts we'll delve into the how and why of this development.

Deploy at PHP South Coast

Posted in June 2016 on the Deploy blog

This Saturday we'll be attending the 2nd PHP South Coast Conference. Located in Portsmouth at the historic Action Stations boathouse we'll be on hand all day to give demonstrations and answer any questions.

Notifications in your Browser

Posted in May 2016 on the Deploy blog

Want to switch tabs during your deployment to do something else, but still know as soon as your deployment is completed?

Force Push Protection

Posted in March 2016 on the Codebase blog

It happens to every team, someone force-pushes to the repository and overwrites the branch, instead of pulling and merging changes like they should. We want to make this a thing...

Progress and Deadlines

Posted in November 2015 on the Codebase blog

Today we're making a small change to the ticket creation and updating forms. We're rolling the "Sprints" and "Dates and Milestones" tab into one unified tab, "Progress and Deadlines".

Kanban Board 2.0

Posted in October 2015 on the Codebase blog

If you've been a part of our agile beta you'll probably be familiar with the Kanban Board functionality that's available as part of a sprint. Today I'd like to introduce...

Smoother image attachments

Posted in July 2015 on the Codebase blog

Drag and dropping file attachments into your tickets and discussions just got better. Drag a PNG or JPEG image onto your update to have a link to it automatically inserted...

Tidy up your Branches

Posted in July 2015 on the Codebase blog

If you're anything like me you're terrible at tidying up your remote branches once you've merged your work, leading you to having a great big, long list in Codebase. This...

Excluded Files per Server

Posted in June 2015 on the Deploy blog

Deploy has the ability to explicitly exclude files from your repository based on a file pattern match.

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Improved E‑mail Notifications

Posted in June 2015 on the Deploy blog

It has been said that Deploy's email notifications can be a little too binary, you can receive notifications of all deployments, or none at all. Today we're giving you the...