We're pleased to announce that after several months of hard work from the development team, we're able to offer a new, fully responsive version of our Codebase interface as a Beta to all our users!

To view the new UI, just add .mobile after your account domain - for example https://myaccount.mobile.codebasehq.com .

New Mobile UI

We've taken this opportunity to rebuild the Codebase frontend from scratch. The original design has been with us since we launched Codebase v4 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it wasn't well suited to becoming responsive and over the years has picked up a few visual inconsistencies. Building a fully responsive interface has given us the chance to rectify these issues and build a much more consistent interface.

The responsive interface has been designed with existing users in mind, and you should find everything where you expect it if you wish to use it as your daily Codebase interface. We do not however, have any plans to retire the current Codebase interface at this time.

Desktop Interface

Although the new interface works well on your desktop, we really want to hear what you think about the experience on your mobile - please do click the General Feedback or Report Bug buttons at the bottom of any page in the interface if you have any questions or issues when using the interface on your mobile.

You'll find a few features aren't yet added to the new version that we're still in the process of completing, which are:

  • Milestone Graph
  • Print Stylesheet
  • Image Comparison
  • Code editor
  • The Kanban board
  • Themes
  • Styled Datepicker
  • Branch Graph
  • Shortcuts
  • Tooltips
  • Markdown / Full text editing in tickets

However, in the coming days we'll be updating you with a lot more information about these updates as well as what's already available.

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