Following our Beta release of the responsive Codebase interface, we're going to be taking a further look at some of the main features in Codebase you already know, but in their new form and layout.

In this post, we'll be looking at tickets, one of the core features of the application.

When navigating around the new interface on a mobile browser, we've tried to replicate a typical mobile experience as closely as possible, so you'll find you can reach account or project based features using the menu to the top right of the interface:


As above, simply click the menu, select your feature, then be taken straight to the same overview you'd see when navigating there on your desktop.

Within the context of an account the options are fairly limited, but when accessing the menu within a project you'll find a much larger set of options. In this example, you can navigate straight from a project into the menu then tap the option to create a new ticket:

New Ticket

Don't forget, you can access the new interface by adding .mobile after your Codebase account domain (for example .

We'll be updating you with further information about the new features in the coming days, please feel free to drop us an email with any questions or feedback.

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