Codebase has always offered users a way to post project-events to third party services such as Slack or HipChat, or to your own services using HTTP Post. Unfortunately, up until now this has required setting up a notification on each individual project.

Today we're introducing Global Event Hooks, which will work across all projects on your account. To set one up, click "Event Hooks" from your Settings menu, and choose "New Event Hook". Select the service you'd like, and the actions you want the hook to be sent on. Every time that action happens in one of your projects, the service will be notified.

Event Hook on the Settings Menu

If you're a user of our HTTP hooks, we've added some additional actions that you can be notified of today. As well as the Ticket Create/Update we've always had, you can now set up notifications for Pushes/Commits, Deployments and for when Exceptions are received.

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