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Call recording playback improvements

Posted yesterday on the Dial 9 blog

We're delighted to announce the addition of a new enhancement to the Dial 9 platform today - the ability to play and seek through call recordings directly in the interface....

Looking up call costs in Dial 9

Posted on Monday on the Dial 9 blog

In Dial 9, you can easily look up the costs of calling a number before you dial it. To do so, head to your Rate Lookup page under Callers &...

Choosing the right number for your business

Posted last Monday on the Dial 9 blog

Whether you're just starting your business, introducing a new product or brand, or even just changing numbers, it's always important to ensure you choose a number that suits you. In...

Conferencing with Dial 9

Posted 13 days ago on the Dial 9 blog

Dial 9, alongside the many other features we provide, offers the ability to create conference rooms, allowing any caller, internal or external, to participate in a group conversation.

Record everything with Notebooks

Posted 24 days ago on the Codebase blog

Notebooks allow you to keep all of your documentation in a safe, structured and versioned way. To setup your notebook, navigate to your project, open the Notebook tab and click...

Keep track of your time

Posted 24 days ago on the Codebase blog

In Codebase, your developers can set and record time sessions, which can be marked and billed so you can pay them correctly for the work they have done.

Including and excluding days from sprints

Posted 27 days ago on the Codebase blog

Until today, a sprint's ideal velocity and average velocity metrics were calculated using all the days between the start and end date. While all of us dream of working 7...

Track errors in your app

Posted on the 17th July on the Codebase blog

With Codebase Exceptions, you can setup your application to report exceptions straight back to your Codebase interface.

Growing a small business

Posted on the 17th July on the Dial 9 blog

Ask any small business owner and they’ll tell you that running a small business is anything but small. It takes dedication and lots of hard work to get off the...

Tracking Deployments

Posted on the 13th July on the Codebase blog

In Codebase, you can track deployments by sending a request to the application whenever your deploy your code.