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IconJar ‑ I love icons again

Posted yesterday 

Over the last 15 years I have bought many thousands of icons through a number of channels - directly from the designer, backing projects on Kickstarter or using subscription services...

Seamless socket server restarts in Ruby

Posted on Wednesday 

We utilise a variety of custom socket servers to support our applications. Most of our apps have at least one. We write RPC servers to interact with repository storage in...

Resizing your uploaded images

Posted on Tuesday 

A couple of days ago I wrote about uploading attachments and in this tutorial I'm going to look at doing some processing on those attachments once they have been uploaded....

Uploading files in your Rails application

Posted on Monday 

Uploading files into your Rails application has never been easier, and with the a wealth of useful gems around to help there's no better time to be working with files.

How to install Staytus from scratch

Posted last Saturday 

Staytus is the open source publishing platform that I developed last year when we needed something simple to help us communicate with our customers when issues arise with our service....

Welcome to

Posted last Wednesday 

It is with much anticipation and excitement that I'm ready to announce our new blog. We've made blogs before and it's always been a very lacklustre affair either on top...

Running Ruby apps in production

Posted in October 2016 

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a number of Ruby applications which have a requirement to run a few different types of process — web servers, workers, crons — in order...

Creating an IPv6 network with an EdgeRouter

Posted in December 2015 

We’ve been using IPv6 for quite a while now on the aTech and Viaduct networks however my home ISP doesn’t support IPv6 natively. As you can imagine, this is quite...

Paying invoices on time is not optional

Posted in December 2015 

Whenever we work on projects for clients, we often complete the work, raise an invoice and then give them 14 days to pay. Pretty standard. However, the attitude of some...

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Building single sign on for Coact

Posted in September 2015 

Historically, all aTech Media products used our own SSO system called aTech Identity. Unfortunately, this method introduces unnecessary complexity when you want to allow your clients

Updating things live in the browser

Posted in August 2015 

One of the things I am most proud and happy with in Coact so-far is the way that data updates made on the server are reflected in real time in the browser. For example, if someone renames a client

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A first look at Coact

Posted in July 2015 

We've started work on the application and I'm really excited to be able to reveal the first look at the new interface for Coact. The screenshots you'll see below are part of the Client areas.