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Deploying with tags

Posted in June 2017 on the DeployHQ blog

We've just deployed an enhancement to the commit selection functionality in Deploy, allowing you to not only choose from or search for commits that have been pushed to your repository,...

Deploy to servers behind a VPN

Posted in March 2017 on the DeployHQ blog

We're delighted we're now able to help out those users who need to use a service like Deploy but who's servers are locked away behind a VPN. Today we're launching what we call the Deploy Agent.

Ticket tags

Posted in February 2017 on the Sirportly blog

We've just added a useful new feature to Sirportly today - the ability for staff to set ticket properties automatically by using tags in a ticket update.

Pinned private notes

Posted in January 2017 on the Sirportly blog

We've just introduced a handy new feature to Sirportly - the option to permanently pin a private note to the top of a ticket!

Maximum ticket age matching

Posted in January 2017 on the Sirportly blog

We're pleased to introduce a new feature to the Sirportly platform - the ability to set a maximum age when matching customer messages with existing closed tickets.

Open tracking

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

Hot on the heels of yesterday's click tracking announcement, we're delighted to announce Open Tracking for AppMail. Open tracking works in a very similar way to the click tracking.

Click tracking now available

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

Knowing when and what links your recipients click in your outbound messages can be very handy. We're excited to announce that you can now set up click tracking for all the outbound...